Ditch the January Resolutions

I don’t ‘do’ New Year’s Resolutions – I don’t think they work. We all know change can be a good thing. Indeed, if we are striving for a more whole body-mind-heart-and-soul filled way of being, it is not only good, it is vital to unlearn the things that hold us back. I DO, therefore believe […]

Banishing Shame From Motherhood With Circles

Shame thrives in the dark, unspoken corners of our lives as parents. Today’s culture makes it hard for new mothers to share how they are really feeling, or to say if they are struggling. You don’t want to be seen as not coping. You can also feel like are the only one experiencing things the […]

Re-wilding at Beltane

The Wheel of the Year keeps turning, and spring starts to turn into summer with the coming of Beltane. Beltane (Là Bealltainn in Scottish Gaelic) is one of the four Gaelic festivals marking the turn of the seasons. The other festivals, in case you aren’t aware, are Imbolc (Là Fhèill Brìghde), Lughanasadh (Lùnastal) and Samhuinn. […]


I hold regular women’s circles (also known as sister circles, moon circles, red tents) – and I often get asked about what to expect in circle – so, here are SIX things that you can expect at a women’s circle – 1. SHARING YOUR THOUGHTS Circles include time for sharing your thoughts. Often, these thoughts […]

Eco-friendly Mourning Rituals In The Age of COVID-19

photo of candles burning and text reading Crafting your own Eco-friendly mourning rituals in the age of COVID-19

Some links in this article are Amazon affiliate links which means at no additional cost to you, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you. Given the current size restrictions for funerals, and distancing regulations it can be helpful to have ways of releasing feelings that don’t rely […]