Wild Story Weaver

Weaving a new world, and creating connected communities through storytelling and narrative changing coaching.


Whether it’s a traditional tale filled with ancestral wisdom, or a modern offering created to address our busy world, you are NEVER too old to be soothed and entranced by a story.

As a traditional storyteller, I collect tales I’ve heard, read and researched, and deliver them from memory – allowing each telling to be adapted for the audience, to suit their needs. Stories are an old medicine that can carry a wisdom we all need – whether we are 5 years old, or 95 years old.

Circles and Groups

The goal ISN’T to fit in. The goal is to BELONG, exactly as you are. 


Whether it’s one of my online circles or a Wild Story Wander, the spaces and events I hold are here to help replenish and revitalise your weary soul, through connection with stories, with others and with nature. They are self care for the soul, even if you are an introvert (like me!)


Maybe you’ve tried to ‘fix’ yourself, figuring that if you can just change THIS thing, or THAT thing, then you will fit in, become a success, feel more complete…

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need fixed. You are NOT broken. The world we live in is not designed for whole body-heart-mind-and-soul living. The culture we live in is broken. 

When you realise this, and start to unlearn the structures set out by society – structures that are designed to benefit a select few, but to keep the rest of us small and struggling – then, you start to thrive. 

My 1-2-1 coaching provides a space for this unlearning to begin – and the best bit is, you already hold all the answers inside you.

A few lovely words

"I absolutely loved having Sarah guide me to connect with nature and with myself."
“Sarah is an amazing storyteller."
“Sarah is a wonderful storyteller and full of incredible knowledge of the nature that surrounds us."

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with
your one wild and precious life?

-Mary Oliver