Put your business ideas to action with the support of other women who get your vision and have your back.

Imagine a Monday morning where you feel excited about the goals you’ve set for the week ahead. You’re focused and feel confident you’re bringing the best you to your growing business.

Imagine this becomes a habit. Because every Sunday, you’re preparing for your week by connecting with a group of like-minded women who are also running their own businesses. 

Women who don’t take part in the competitive hustle culture. Women who genuinely love to see each other succeed. Women who are all craving a community where they can just speak openly without fear of judgment or someone telling them “what they should really do.” 

Are you craving a community like this? Somewhere you can:

  • Bounce that idea that’s maybe a little out there off of the crowd without fear that you’re bothering anyone or wasting their time
  • Set intentions for your business and have others kindly hold you accountable
  • Have access to a facilitator who provides customized resources to meet the changing needs of the group
  • Receive training in areas that are habitually limiting your business growth
  • Feel safe to share both the sacred and the silly
  • Engage in the healing practice of storytelling, so you can feel more confident promoting your business

The next version of SisterMind will launch in 2022. Watch this space.

SisterMind Testimonials

Start Your Week Sistermind was a beautiful gift at a time I felt overwhelmed & alone in self employment.

Sarah led us with grace & love and I felt heard and supported.I have loved circle as a soul experience but had no idea how it would translate: It was unlike anything I’ve done before for my business and I loved it!

I was encouraged to share and celebrate wins (something I forget to do!) & also share goals and challenges in a space completely free from judgement.

Thank you Sarah!

Rachel – Shootsweet Photography

“I was very fortunate to be part of Sarah’s SisterMind beta, and found it a unique and memorable business support group.
The circle meetings really appealed to me, after attending one of Sarah’s moon circles, and I found it a really approachable way to build social business connections, while feeling genuinely heard and valued.
Sarah made time for everyone to share, with the important caveat that we didn’t all give advice, but held space instead. In addition to this we did also have a session focused on wisdom sharing, where we came to ask for others’ ideas, which was useful in a different way!

Sarah is a wonderful circle leader, and I really enjoyed the time to myself each Monday morning. I really believe that joining SisterMind will bring you a boost and help you start your week feeling balanced and ready, after getting things off your heart, and soaking in the community presence.In a society heavily focused on the hard, money side of business, I feel that this heart and mind focused business group is very appealing.”

Rachael – Days of Nourishment

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